Hails from Louisiana and starting playing guitar at age 13.

Graduated in Music from USL in 1983.

Performed a collection of shows with the USL Jazz Singers, and various stage performances.

Has performed with the varied-member jazz collective Regency, zydeco legends Stanely Dural, and Major Handy, zydecajun Sean Vidrine, fiddler Jonno Frishberg, saxaphonist Pat Breaux, soul legends Percy Sledge, and Ernie K-Doe, the R&B group Crossfyre, swamp-pop legend Pat Strazza, the soulful Greg Martinez, country singer Valerie Andrus, Debbie and Dennis Theriot, country rock group Rodeo, Les Trois Cannailles, Niteline, The Shakers, 2Blue and others.

Has recorded on projects with Stanely Dural, Debbie and Dennis Theriot, Sean Vidrine, 2Blue and Bobby Kubelka.

Produced and performed the CD Sweet Time with singer Bobby Kubelka.